Our Kindergarten program is run using the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG) curriculum. Being Affiliated with C&K allows us to use the C&K curriculum approach along side the QKLG curriculum, which makes us a very special Kindergarten. C&K also provides us with unmeasurable support and guidance in providing quality early childhood education to all children in our community.


C&K philosophy

Children are our greatest asset. Society can often be judged on how children are regarded. C&K considers both children and childhood to be precious and, therefore, what is best for children is our highest priority.


Offering a natural learning through play concept at all C&K services enriches the lives of children and their families to achieve the C&K vision of a childhood fulfilled.


All of our services are based on respect for children with any profits reinvested in their best interest. C&K is a not for profit organisation whereby profits are reinvested to ensure the best outcome is achieved to benefit children and educators at our services.


Ensuring your child receives the highest quality education and care, C&K provides greater ratios of educators and assistants to children, limited use of plastics in children’s equipment and large natural outdoor play areas.


For more than 105 years, C&K has advocated as a strong voice for children’s rights to childhood. We hope you choose the C&K philosophy for your child’s early education and care experience.


C&K policies ensuring your child’s wellbeing and safety.

As a leader in early childhood, C&K ensures all children come first at all services. With a range of policies, such as child protection, administration of medication, immunisations, sun protection, workplace health and safety, playground equipment, emergency and evacuation, plus many more which are relevant for your child’s wellbeing and safety, you can feel secure in the knowledge that C&K has the highest standards in early childhood education and care. All C&K policies are reviewed in line with best practice and changes to legislation.


To find out more about C&K and how it can provide your child with the best start for education and development Visit their Website.