Rated Exceeding

National Quality Framework. Improving standards across the sector to benefit all children.


On 7 December 2009, the Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory governments, agreed to a number of improvements to the early childhood education and care sector through the introduction of a “National Quality Framework”. The new framework covers kindergartenChildcare/long day carefamily day care, outside school hour’s care and preschools services across Australia.


The framework includes:

  • The new national body to guide the implementation and management of the overall framework, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

  • The National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care

  • Improved staff-to-child ratios

  • New qualification requirements for early childhood educators

  • A new quality rating system of services


The framework will be progressively implemented from 1 January 2012.


​National Quality Standard Quality Areas and Guiding Principles

The quality areas and guiding principles of the National Quality Standard reflect the C&K philosophy and the shared understandings of the C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guideline.


Quality Areas

  1. Educational program and practice

  2. Children’s health and safety

  3. Physical environment

  4. Staffing arrangements, including staff to child ratios and qualifications

  5. Relationships with children

  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  7. Leadership and service management

Guiding Principles

  1. The rights of the child are paramount

  2. Children are successful, competent and capable learners

  3. Equity, inclusion and diversity

  4. Valuing Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures

  5. The role of parents and families is respected and supported

  6. High expectations for children, educators and service providers


For further information please visit www.acecqa.gov.au

Current Assessment

Assessed under the 7 quality areas:


1: Educational program and practice: Exceeding in all Areas

2: Children’s health and Safety: Meeting in all Areas

3: Physical Environment: Meeting in all Areas

4: Staffing Arrangements: Exceeding in all Areas

5: Relationships with Children: Exceeding in all Areas

6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities: Exceeding in all Areas

7: Leadership and Service Management: Meeting in all Areas


Overall Assessment Rating: Exceeding