We are managed by a Parent Committee elected each year. Positions outlined as follows:


  • Leads and motivates committee acts as chairperson at monthly meetings.

  • Co-ordinates & delegates responsibilities.

  • Needs to be aware of the day to day operations.


Vice President
  • Adopts Presidents role in his/her absence.

  • Accepts delegation responsibility for special projects eg. Maintenance, marketing, infomation technology.


  • Records minutes & supplies copies complying with rules.

  • Responds to correspondence and maintains files & membership register.


  • Prepares accounts due for fees.

  • Receipts & banks all monies received for fees.

  • Maintains records books.

  • Issues receipts for child care benefit grant applications.


Please consider becoming a Committee Member during your child’s year at Kindy. Without these roles filled we are not able to operate. 


Other Committee Roles to be filled


Fundraising Co-ordinator
  • Organises the sub fundraising members

  • Organises the years fundraising events

Sub Fundraising Members
  • To assist Fundraising Co-ordinator


Work Place Health and Safety Officer & Maintenance Officer
  •  Work place health and Safety check-list (to be completed every term)

  • Organise quotes and repairs

  • Organise mowing roster

  • Organise Working Bees

  • Work with Director with Risk Assessments.