Our Program

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Our philosophy


We believe that the early part of our bringing up is a fundamental component in our lives, and can be greatly influenced by a caring, safe and stimulating learning environment.

At Lowood Kindergarten we recognise the importance of play within our learning environment. We are guided by C&K’s philosophy of a play based curriculum that allows children to learn, grow and develop to their full potential. To enable this to happen the children are learning in an environment that encourages, supports, challenges and provides numerous opportunities for spontaneous learning.

We also believe that children can greatly benefit from an educational developmentally appropriate curriculum – that caters not only for their age and development level, but also for their individual personalities and desire for learning.

Our Kindy, as a whole, aims to cater for the growing changes and needs of the community. We hope to offer an early childhood service for the families and community members in all the surrounding areas, and will continue to work closely with them as part of a growing community!

​Our goals

We aim to use our understanding of children and the importance of play in an early childhood setting to build partnerships and establish flexible learning environments. The importance of the parents, families and community members is dire to the effectiveness of the environment.

Our method


Play and self-exploration is enhanced through social interaction and acceptance to self and others, and children are actively involved in designing the curriculum and experiences.


Self-reliance and responsibility is supported and encouraged for all children, as well as self-confidence and acceptance to others.


Learning and growth is enhanced and promoted through positive stimulation and interaction with adults, children and within their environment.


Behaviour management strategies are consistent and positively appropriate for each child and their individual needs.


Children are encouraged to share, discuss and explore concepts, feelings and ideas that are relevant to them and their families