About Us

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We would like to welcome you to Lowood & District Community Kindergarten!
We are a Creche and Kindergarten Affiliated Community Kindergarten, which means we are a non-profit organization that operates in collaboration with a special team for the very best for your child. This team consists of:
• Parents/Caregivers
• Management Committee consisting of parents from the Kindergarten
• Director and Teacher Assistants
• C & K consultants and resource people
• Other members of the community who help support the running of the Kindergarten
To ensure that your child gains the most benefit from their time at Lowood Kindergarten we ask that you carefully consider being an active member of the team.


Class Groups

Lowood Kindergarten is a one unit Kindergarten with two groups running on a five day fortnight program.


The Kindergarten is open from 9.00- 3.10pm (doors open at 2.30pm in the afternoon)

Daily fee: $26 this is subject to change

Group one attends:  Monday, Tuesday, Alt Wednesday

Group two attends: Alt Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Our History

1963 - The Kindergarten was established in 1963 with 24 students enrolled, operating 2 mornings a week.


1980- The kindergartens premises moved to a vacant hall. Kindy was at this stage operating 4 mornings a week and had 40 children enrolled.


1985 - Through the kindergartens hard work, along with the help of the community and local Council. They were able to secure a building and leased land for minimal cost and set up permanent grounds and buildings for the Kindergarten.


1994 - Became affiliated with C&K.


2004 - Began operating 4 full days


2009 - Began operating 5 full days a week.  2 Groups on a 5 day fortnight.


2013 - Celebrates 50 Years!